Faces – a series of limited edition t-shitrs.

These t-shirts were designed by Zan Kru in Oslo, sewn in a small company in Poland and hand painted by artist Kamila Wolszczak in her studio in Leeuwarden.
This textile painting is inspired by Friesland, a unique location in Northern Holland with its own language and culture.

Info – Wash at 30 ℃ – medium iron avoiding print – made in Poland
Wear often wash less for a happy environment!
Both textile and paint print have successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS).

Kamila Wolszczak – Born in 80’s, in Eastern Europe, Poland.
Experimental artist with visual art background, art mediator and grassroots artistic projects initiator. The main object returning in the art works is transparent tape. The performance works, installations, paintings and drawings are about recording surroundings with focus on the relation between the person recording and the surrounding space. Currently, lives and creates in Amsterdam.


Marcin Romaniuk, a talented graphic designer,  created a floatable pattern, as an expansion of the brand visual identification. Pattern silk printed on the clothes and accessories from Zero Waste project empowers the A small body or accumulation of ore collection.