A/W  2016/17

The dynamics of modern metropolises and the freedom in getting around inspired her debut collection. Common attributes of the urban nomads are bags and pockets, which do not constrain movement. Zan integrated accessories as functional elements of the outfit, such as when a sachet is sewn onto the garment to form an outer pocket. Clothes from the debut collection are decorated in shades of navy and blue, often accompanied by  reflectors that not only fulfill a practical traffic safety role but are also an element that emphasizes the construction of the clothing and add to the visual appeal when in motion. Partially transparent hand-knitted tops along with jacket and dresses based on raglan cut coats allow the wearer to style with layers. The collection is accompanied by accessories made from the scrap materials – Zero Waste, which launches the line of sustainable fashion.

photos by Szymon Szcześniak