Transformers are visionary and unique sweaters that can be worn in several ways, depending on the effect you wish to achieve. This harking back to the tradition collection has been designed in order to give you comfort and the ability to creatively alter your daily appearance.


Dialogue it’s a limited edition  of oversized collars that boldly go beyond the traditional functions of clothing. Each of them has placed frontally microphone and the receiver around the neck. During the conversation the words are translated into vibrations. Make that speech is felt palpably and remind us that dialogue is one of the basic functions of the human body.


How are we doing it’s a three-stage interdisciplinary project, designed to highlight the value of communication. The participants  – students, alumni and faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts – were asked to answer some tough questions about themselves and the condition of the academy. Response – often intimate and sincere placed on T-shirts, what improved assertiveness and communication between the generations.


Fashion in Fiber is not only a collection created for Expo2015 in Milan, but above all a project to help illustrate how important in the modern world, use of secondary raw materials is. Strict and clear line of women’s clothing reminiscent of ethnicity and shows that you can successfully combine tradition with modernity.


Screen printing is an option for those who like to know more than others. It shows that, apart from the final result, which is the dress, it is worth to focus on the method of its production and look into the workshop of the designer. Screen printing is also a method that makes it clear that the modern clothing can contain elements from the entire history of art.